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Let us know the result. I got the home position fixed, and also ordered a new print head cable for the color head from Solvent Inkjet. The Falcon Outdoor Jr, large format color printers bridge the gap between outdoor durability and price. Does this mean that side isn’t sealing against the head correctly? Mar 23, 6.

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When I slide the head all the valcon over and pull with the syringe from the capping station I hear a slight noise at first then I get some ink flow, but when I stop the suction and pull the head off the capping station the ink is pooled up and running over out of the color side.

They are supposedly brand new, purchased from cmyk parts. I thoroughly flushed all lines before I started putting it back together. The cable came in, and I installed it but I was still getting the same bad nozzle checks.

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Product Description Alternative Damper for Mutoh printers: Check if the foam is getting wet and the three colors are nicely seperated.

Now I have bigger problems. Item is new, t The head must be on the capping and pushed fully rigth during suction. Damper for Mutoh Falcon Junior. I finally got around to finishing the refurb on my printer today. Can anyone tell me what to do from here? If still dry then the umtoh cappingstation are not working but that might be cause the tubes are blocked.

AF Nov 4, Do not select washing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome product and Awesome company.

Damper for Mutoh Falcon Junior/Outdoor/Rockhooper I with DX2 heads

Search Forums Recent Posts. Do not use the washing function or cleaning cartridge is machine is used regularly before.

How can a new oufdoor head be “clogged”?

I’m guessing that’s an adjustment issue? I have not done any head adjustments or changed the head ranks. Mutoh Falcon Outdoor Jr.

Mutoh Falcon

I faocon ran 3 manual cleanings and several test prints without much change in the results. Mar 22, 1. Use the single syringe trick as mentioned first. If inktube is filled upto the damper mount the damper and half fill it. Just like the first time, one line pulled easily and the other took some more suction and didn’t flow as much ink.


James Chrimes Nov 9, If you can, pull color ink into the foam with the syringe and the capping must be colored with sharp CYM colors. Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs As you dalcon also replaced the pump you might have the frame of the pump to low.

Then disconnect the tube from capping to pump and use the syringe to pull ink. Mar 23, 2 Wraps ink Member 0 16 Sep 1, acetone get a paper towel fold it over a few times and put a good amount of acetone and hold it firm against the heads and hold for about 2 min.

If you do then the problem is not a full closed capping but there is a air leak.