I finally broke down and bought a large Wacom tablet. I love the radial menu concept, the touch ring, and express keys. Sensitive tablet can recognize levels of pressure, starting at a single gram Illuminated ExpressKeys are programmable, giving you ready access to frequently used program functions Touch Ring can be configured to control up to 4 functions in each application Ambidextrous design is great for righties and lefties alike Slim-profile tablet features gently sloping palm rests and a cordless battery-free pen for ergonomic bliss Interchangeable pen nibs include standard, flex, stroke, and hard felt Weighted pen stand holds both the pen and extra nibs Includes 5-button mouse that uses the tablet surface as a mousepad. If you have an existing account in the language you have chosen, you can log into it, or you can create a new account. You want to order as: Please enter these details.

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Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. The active area is x mm.

Be the first to receive Wacom deals, tips and news! Help Which tablet tzblet I have? Not even the one supplied with the tablet. Profile is very slim and blends into workflow nicely and ergonomically.

Show them off to the world with Intuos Art. Get featured on our website with the hashtag madewithwacom. The Intuos4 Small has an active area of x98 mm.


Whatever your creative style — or level of skill — Intuos can help you reach the next level. You will hit the ground running with the Intuos4. Nice improvement could be to add a sharp color to distinguish it from the mess on any typical desk. Def a must have for graphic designers and illustrators. Intuo4 do tablets work? I’m a fine artist,photographer and graphic designer.

It does take some getting used to, but once tavlet do, the control provided is unmatched, at least in my experience.

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Choices to suit you Depending upon your interest area, Draw, Art, Comic or Photo, Intuos tablets offer size and color options.

Intuos Photo is the perfect tool for taking your work to the next level. With that said, it is a seriously sleek machine and far from clunky. Go online, plug the USB into your Mac or PC, install driver from the web download, register your Intuos, and download the creative software.

Beautifully designed and simple to use, each pen tablet comes with a free creative pack that includes downloadable software, services and online tutorials too. Very fun and cool tool to have, a must buy! It is so easy to use, I was intimidated at first, which is why I didn’t get it early on, now feel jntuos4 a fool for all the years I missed out on using it.


Rated 5 out of 5 by Tech Illustrator from I can’t stand using a mouse now.! Intos4 Government Non-profit organisation Private individual. Rated 5 out of 5 by David and Flash from Can’t work without it! Video Support Community Store. The larger tablet area is excellent.

Intuos4 tablets

Intuos 3D has everything you need to easily sculpt and model. The Intuos4 and Intuos5 tsblet are complemented by a number of special tools i.

I didn’t used to use a Wacom till I started my new job. When I opened the product and connected it to my computer, I was impressed that I had purchased an excellent product and I have not changed ihtuos4 mind. Includes a pen, pen holder, Wacom mouse, a set ofextra nibs.

The Intuos4 Medium has an active area tablte x mm. Reduce nib wear and protect the surface of your Intuos4 with one of these covers. Rated 4 out of 5 by ImagesbyCarl from I didn’t know how much better it could b I have been using an Intuos2 for several years and recently it was giving me intermitant problems. US residents who purchase this tablet are entitled to additional software from Wacom.