Used Mac hardware is still outrageously expensive, even previous-gen iPhones and iPads without cameras. There are some other nice 4. Of course Apple has been beefing the iPhone up since then — after all they need to give their customers a reason to get the latest phones, and the competition isn’t slacking off, either. But that’s just my opinion, of course. Google adds challenges to Fit just in time for New Year’s resolutions. Essential Phone will no longer be sold by the company December 28,

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It is it’s reason for existing in the first place. On Fedora 16 the only option seems to be mtpfs, which as you suggested doesn’t really work.

Statements like yours are a textbook example of why Linux – and Free Software in general – is not taken seriously by normal computer users, since the only thing you are interested in is nursing your damaged pride at all costs. Mobile devices can make extensive use of network data for streaming content, synchronizing data, downloading apps, and more.

Follow us beneath as we dig into the layers of this sweet sandwich. Good luck figuring that out if you’re a new user. The most heavily advertised feature of mto new camera is its lack of shutter lag, and it really does work — as long as you don’t want to autofocus first.


Ice Cream Sandwich supports USB mass storage after all, Galaxy Nexus does not

I see no evidence that snadwich historical emphasis on software compatibility for PCs is diminishing in any way. I followed the steps mentioned sanewich the post u link, and worked fine for me, but i mounted using sudo command before the mount. Home screen folders and favorites tray. Which is fine when all of your devices are phones or tablets i. After taking a picture or video, users can quickly share it by email, text message, bluetooth, social networks, and more, just by tapping the thumbnail in the camera controls.

Nokia was doing it even in their cheap phones at the time, so it can’t have been that hard either. Hyperion Launcher A sweet, feature-filled launcher with a beautiful UX.

Each application has a restricted set of APIs that they use. Bus Device Because, as usual, the Linux community waited until someone else came up with a standard first, then complained and whined about “the big bad Microsoft”.

Six months after the 4. So ccream very likely that they knew very much about the “linux way” and took many lessons to heart. You’re still right that it’s different from the old Linux tradition of keeping old systems alive for years and years and years, but smartphones are different in two major ways.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich review

Users can now share what’s on their screens more easily by taking screenshots. Hardware is also becoming more and more complex.


It’s a success in every single way that Linux desktop is not. There’s also official support for adjusting mouse pointer speed, an obvious inclusion for dockable tablets like the Transformer Oce. At worst one could say that secure boot lays the groundwork for future lock-in on PCs.

The primary purpose of a desktop is twofold: Redesigned Gallery app with photo editor. It was a sweet moment, we’ll bet, and the setup procedure remains largely unchanged, as you still have to either sign up for a Google account or throw in your existing login codes.

Sitansh Rajput 1 3 3. Note that the apt-get pulls in quite a few packages from Raring including a new libc6. It’s not like it’s the first time. Users can also search across folders on the server, for faster results.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus & Ice Cream Sandwich Review

For easier browsing across accounts and labels, the app adds an integrated menu of accounts and eandwich labels. There ought to be an FAQ, I guess. I am willing to bet that most of the core Android developers are were very experienced developers and users of the Linux OS. Have YOU read it?