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This presents a challenge as trend data is usually recorded at a slower sampling speed that might miss the transient phenomena. It is not always possible to manually Start and Stop data acquisition to catch the abnormal waveform and have it displayed. Contact us now to make arrangements: FTP Easily copy and paste files to and from a PC from the internal flash memory drive and other internal storage media. Four AA batteries are required for memory backup. Each DSP channel can perform up to four arithmetic operations and filtering at high speed, without slowing down waveform acquisitions.

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Discover our measurement technology software: Single-Cycle Mode In this mode, the DL determines a cycle, then calculates items pertaining to the voltage axis and surface area in that cycle. Weisang develops custom, turn-key applications based on our FlexPro and HistoryBase solutions.

Yokogawa DL750 ScopeCorder 701210 1gw 16 Channel Analyzer Built-in-printer 500mw

In addition to traditional power supply troubles such as sudden outages, sags, and surges, you can make efficient real time observations of frequency fluctuations and voltage drops. Download dl70 current FlexPro release now!

Range settings can be used to obtain accurate single-cycle RMS and average value measurements. Six digital signal processing DSP channels have been added. In addition, the GUI menu makes setting trigger conditions easy and intuitive. Roll recording trend recording Separate Memory Management for Each sampler Maximum memory for low-speed: Weisang training courses give you hands-on experience using FlexPro straight from the source. Snapshot Function Enables On-Screen Waveform Comparisons Scoppecorder the snapshot function, you can freeze the currently displayed waveform with the touch of a button.


Efficient Memory Use Sufficient memory length is available even when 16 channels are used, so you can conduct extended observations on multiple channels 2. Optimize your workflow, improve the efficiency of your measurement data analysis process. Try FlexPro on your measured data analysis projects. Software for measurement-related applications.

HistoryBase — the high-performance software database solution. Scopecofder trigger activates when a signal exceeds the allowable values determined by comparing a defined waveform wave window with an actual waveform in real time. Download and try out all the features for free, then decide if FlexPro is right for you.

For more flexible and complex calculations, an optional user-defined math function package is available. Find the right FlexPro edition for your application or let our FlexPro experts personally assist you.

Detection on all 16 analog channels is available with OR conditions. How do I download the latest software?

This lets you check needed data immediately when preparing a report. PC communications are made easy with the Waveform Viewer and Wirepullersoftware programs. This presents a challenge as trend data is usually recorded at a slower sampling speed that might miss the transient phenomena.


Four AA batteries are required for memory backup. Parameters such as voltage axis sensitivity, screen scale settings, and linear scaling can be configured for each channel.

Maximum value, minimum value, average value, and standard deviations are calculated automatically for each waveform parameter. Now you can get the free data viewer for your specific device!

This makes it easier to manage and analyze data using PCs and other tools. FlexPro — Buying Guide.

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With this scopecordre, a trigger can be executed whenever you like, separate from the preset trigger conditions. It is useful for measuring rotation pulse counts for equipment like stepping motors, for tracking error signal counts for optical discs and other devices, and for counting encoder output pulse counts. The FlexPro Community — user information available to you. All Advantages of FlexPro ….

Become a FlexPro expert.