CUDA 8 only supports gcc 5. However, the help suggested there is way over my head. This release is composed of various modules which have their own version number each module started at version “1. You will have to pass “-f” to both module-assistant commands in order to force them to redo the process. Restart your system to enable the nouveau blacklist.

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Some existing etch packages have been updated to add support for new hardware and for compatibility with the 2. I don’t know anything about locating partitions in Linux, and don’t want to break something by accident.

Script to install Nvidia driver in Debian Squeeze with one click | Unixmen

BB code is On. Install using current Debian lenny installer Beginning with Beta 2, the lenny installer features an install kernel that is very similar to the etch-and-a-half kernel and has a etcj mode for installing the etch release. Nowadays, Xorg is released with a version number like 7.

Version numbers Xorg version numbering has changed since xorg 7. Check the Bumblebee page instead. If the package manager is unaware of the scattered files created through the nVidia driver, what do I actually have to do to fix this? Visit the following links: Error is not recoverable: This driver is included in the mainline kernel whereas the driver debisn in the old kernel for etch 2.


How can I change the reference to a driver in my config file?? Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. Redshift External Links X.

By MrKrrtft at If you decide to switch to the proprietary driver, it is highly recommended eebian reboot because it is incompatible with nouveau, and unloading the latter is not easy and may lead to a blank console.

Similar Portable Linux Posts: These are the steps that I found to work for me. Many thanks for your patch bye. Dbeian have 2 options: Cirrus Logic Sound Fusion sound devices The snd-cs46xx driver is no longer available in the etch-and-a-half kernel due to legal issues.

All times are GMT More modules have been activated, for example more netfilter modules.

Not all features of the etch 2. This is made available from wheezy-backports. One of my pet peeves with Linux is not having the 3D Accelleration available while in Linux. Org, this is a good place to search for answers. When I view my xorg. P VLI May 16 I recently set up Xen 3.


Script to install Nvidia driver in Debian Squeeze with one click

If it’s not from the Debian package repositories, you won’t be able to get the right headers with apt-get. Get into pure console mode runlevel 3 Erch into Recovery Mode or switch down to runlevel 3 or the equivalent apt-get update apt-get install binutils Install Kernel Source apt-get install linux-source When I try to load the nvidia module and start X it will deblan and say module not present. By browsing this site, you consent to the use of some third party cookies.

The desktop runs Debian on a Intel core i7 processor. Damn ;- I don’t get nvidiq errors from the module compile as far as I can c but a lot of warning Also, download this patch.