Fifth run, XR on left, Driver on the right. Or are these simply scare tactics and BS to try and convince you to pay the higher price they charge? You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. This means that when you receive your unit it is guaranteed to have no RDD detectable leakage. Click on image to enlarge. Detecting a frequency X-band that is not used in either country seems to be a useless feature. The STi was quiet.

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Fifth and final test, both detectors were switched on and driven towards the speed camera.

You can click on the blue underlined link above to see an original screen shot of their webpage before they quickly changed it. Hook up with Us. Most radar detector enthusiasts beltronifs tell you if you are going to test radar detectors side by side, you need to do so with only one radar detector switched on at a time.

Bel STi XR vs Bel Sti Driver – we put them to the test

The compliance sticker on the bottom of each radar detector shows no differences other than the serial number. Given the only state in Australia where RD’s are legal to own and operate employs 27 mobile Multanova speed cameras, one would expect the Bel XR “Australian version” to include a Ka-band selection rather than just Ka superwidesince stj is widely known the difficulty in detecting this speed cameras. Be the First to Know.

The only parts of the Bel STi-R stealth installed radar detector that need to remain within reach of the driver beltronocs the small display and control modules, along with the external speaker. Even though the hardware and software appears identical, we took these two models out “on the road” to test their performance and the claim that the Bel XR is “tuned for Australia”.


Beltronics STi-R Concealed Radar Detector

Click on image to enlarge. Third run, the detectors were switched around so the Sti XR was now on the left. The reason is that the “electronic noise” emitted from radar detectors can interfere with and effect the sensitivity of each other.

The only other difference is an Australian C-tick label attached again not straight! JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

On returning in the opposite direction towards the K-band radar transmitter, the XR alerted 4 seconds prior to the STi Driver Looks like there may be some truth the the claim for improved K-band on the Australian model? The V1 alerted briefly on approach, then paused, and alerted again for a few seconds.

Beltronics STI

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available. OK, there goes that theory This model also supports the detection of “POP” mode radar. So why is there a huge difference in price between the US model and the AU model? View Shopping Cart Checkout. It is difficult to establish any clear winner, and certainly the Bel XR did not “outperform” the USA version against Australian radars. No other country has a “specially modified” variation of the Bel STi Driver.

This finally allows for a truly undetectable, stealth detector. They both finished alerting at beltronnics same time. A tech display can also be enabled that will show you the exact frequency of the radar signal detected. This shows how much environmental factors such as traffic, beltronkcs, perhaps even temperature can effect the range your detector gives on such low powered devices such as the Multanova 6F.


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The STi-R features a Multiple Threat Display, which will let you know if multiple radar signals are detected at once, and their relative signal strength. Get all the latest information on events, sales and offers. If you order a Bel XR from any Australian seller on or off line belronics will see this exact label over the box seal.

Beltronics STI: Radar & Laser Detectors | eBay

In fact when Jeremy from Delonix Australia attended the Speed Measurement Labs’ annual radar detector test in El Paso Texas back inthe temperatures were around 40 degrees every day!

Detecting a frequency X-band that is not used in either country seems to be a useless feature. The Driver alerted first about 8 seconds priorbut then stopped. If you are a professional driver looking for serious performance and a truly invisible radar detector, this is the model for you.

For the final comparison between the two detectors, another Ka-band Speed Camera was chosen. However, our competitor very quickly removed this lie within days of us calling them out!