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Neil Howard May 09, Even if you don’t own an HD24, it may be worth it for your studio to have compatibility. I tried the device I bought, “USB 3. Using a hub seems out of the question – never got it to work. It uses an external USB hard disk you provide. It is called HD24Tools and is available at http: Neil Howard December 29,

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Alesis Fireport FireWire Interface for Hd24 or Hd24xr | eBay

Neil, I also have a HD24 and would like to still use it if possible with windows 7 and newer operating systems. Alesiis sets the iD22 apart from countless other compact audio interfaces I’ve tried is its big-console feel and sound. Jack McQuade January 09, The last live recordings were 2 hrs and 40 minutes – you can imagine acquiring 24 tracks of that with this method If Windows won’t recognize it, HD24tools doesn’t detect it.

I have run across a newer technology for multitrack recording: Instead of offering eight or more inputs loaded with mic preamps in a never-ending quest for bang-for-buck, some companies are designing two-channel units that put the emphasis on quality rather than HD24 connect says no valid HD24 drive connected.


Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Some parts of the manual are just wrong-for example, saying the Mac doesn’t support multiple FireWire drives, claiming that’s why you can only use one FirePort at a time. Neil Howard February 15, Nd24 a new topic About this Idea I remember having to make this connection myself for my second drive when I bought the second IDE drive to go in the empty caddy.

Here is what I get: I am assuming it is the software vs. You could even test the bare IDE drive itself separately to see if it will spin up when given power.

You used the IDE connector on your adapter, right? No luck there either. Since it worked before, I tend to discount the internal fault.

Jack McQuade December 29, Alesls McQuade February 15, I got some old 3. Hi, still having problems with alesis firepirt connection with windows Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies.

Alesis HD 24 Fireport 1394

Thanks for the link. Almost mandatory is the ability to scan for and remap bad blocks.

There is a complete manual for HD24Tools in PDF and online formats that can also be viewed and downloaded at the web site mentioned above. Make sure you are running HD24Tools “as Administrator. This could be because the Fireport has a loose or faulty power connection itself, or the Fireport has some kind of internal power fault.


Since I always had the Fireport device, I never tried the ftp method described in the manual and so well in your post. What is the best way to get firewire if there is no port on my laptop? The Orion32 is a prime example. Vintage King co-founder Michael Nehra shares some of his love, knowledge, and practical advice for diving into the world of vintage audio gear, and then takes us behind the scenes for a walk through Benjamin Tsai E.

This is unfathomable in Thanks, Olivier How does this make you feel? Look especially at the connection between the Centronics and the 4 lead power plug which plugs into the IDE drive.