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All connectors are clearly labeled, but the power supply connector is situated behind the CPU upper right corner on the photo , which in as unpractical as the lower DIMM locks. The 3D Mark scores with the E chip running at were better than anything I could get with the E chip. I will discuss the Flip-chips and slot-1 adapters I tried below. Now type in ‘System’, and hit enter no quote marks. Typhoon Rising game review. The real question is, can this board compete with the reigning Coppermine mobo champion, the Tyan Trinity Leaving the core voltage at 1.

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There’s even an illustrated description of the BIOS update process. The future of Prescott.

ABit’s manual is very easy to read and comprehensive. Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion review. Overclocking The first speed to try is the safe one: In the spirit of earlier boards, I expected more. Yet they can only be used after the purchase of a connector cable, which vy6x4 not been included by ABit.

It is not worth paying more for a MHz chips, than for a MHz chip, since both can be overclocked to near the same level. To do this with the reference drivers, you need to enable “Coolbits” by editing the Registry.


You can quit Regedit now. In the past, Intel’s slower chips have overclocked relatively better than their higher speed counterparts, which were, in essence, already partially overclocked at the factory by Intel. This may or may not be an issue that can be fixed with drivers, or Abitt updates.

Using the Gigabyte adapter, the test system booted up without incident.

ABIT VT6X4 Motherboard

The great features, combined with almost perfect overclocking abilities and excellent reliability should make sure that almost everybody should be happy with this motherboard.

I shall now shamelessly plug our previous round-up of 7 Coppermine motherboards. Keep in mind that overclocking results vary depending not only on each individual CPU tested, but also on the components in your system.

Beyond Divinity game review. After a little checking, I found that bait Abit ver.

Stability in 3D mark was very good. I will discuss the Flip-chips and slot-1 adapters I tried below. Three fan headers are provided to cool your system. It was good to see that there’s another one which heads towards the very top.

March 24, Many readers missed the ABit motherboard in my initial review, as this company has become very popular thanks to their excellent overclocking features. Now that we have the generalities out of the way, let’s consider the package as a whole.


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Abit has included an interesting disclaimer in the motherboard specifications section of the manual. Soyo did only include two fan headers, which should still be enough for most gt6x4. W Vf6x4 17, Dell Latitude D laptop review.

We tried 3 different adapters, and all either failed to boot, or gave Windows protection errors. Deadly Shadows game review USB 2. In fact, in our tests, the E chip overclocked higher than the chip.

ABIT VT6X4 – motherboard – ATX – Slot 1 – Pro133A

In all other benchmarks, it scores second best. A05 April 10, AC97 sound has also been integrated. Intel has been saying for months that they are converting their entire processor line over to the Flip-Chip format as soon as possible, but there are very few motherboards that will take agit new chip format without an adapter.