Who am I?


my name is Tadej. I’m from Slovenia, a small but beautiful country in southern central Europe, bordering to Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

Above, you can see Vipava Valley and my home town, Ajdovscina (picture taken by Jan Cermelj).

Not sure how to pronounce my name? Fear not, you’re not alone. Here’s the best pronunciation I could find online:

I used to think I might make it as a professional freestyle snowboarder. I was wrong. So instead, I live a less glamorous life and pay my bills by writing code. I currently live in London, where I work for a large financial institution.

When I’m not working, I try hard to keep myself away from computers - which is sometimes harder than you think!

I love sports, reading, traveling and great food. Of Mice and Men is definitely one of my favorites books and New Zealand, Norway, Zermatt, Sydney, New York and, obviously, London are some of my favorite places in the world.

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